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Girl Talk is an anonymous, safe platform for those that identify as women and are over the age of 18.


Your new best girl friend.

Think of Girl Talk as your new, always available best girl friend. A judgement-free place for you to connect and share experiences, Girl Talk is a virtual hug and a shoulder for you to lean on.

I joined Girl Talk after I had just graduated college & was living at home during a pandemic. It was tough to meet other poeple, expecially other girls my age, living at home and very far from all my college friends. The site is a space that feels so safe, open and intentionally and beautifully curated. From the profile setup where you choose the icon that represents you best to the fun pink backgrounds, it’s a space to give and get advice from an encouraging community of like-minded ladies!
I joined Girl Talk because I really missed being able to ask my friends for advice and this is everything I imagined it would be. I’ve gotten really helpful advice from other women here, and I love that I can see other questions people have asked. The site is so easy to navigate, I highly recommend Girl Tak to anyone who wants genione advice from people who care.